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Important Announcement

We are sorry to say that due to personal reasons for Blacky beyond his control, The Howling will be put on hiatus for the foreseeable future. The essence of The Howling is to go at warp speed only and we are only prepared to play shows when we are fully capable of that, unfortunately touring is not possible right now.

It’s been a tough decision and something that we have thought long and hard about before we released this statement.
You guys have been the reason this band got anywhere, we are eternally grateful for your support and owe you everything. We have created an immense album that we are all very proud of and it will get to you somehow. We would like to thank Transcend Music management, all the team behind The Howling and the industry for their eternal support in this situation. Please stay in touch and keep checking in with us so we can update you on the next step as soon as we know what that is. You will of course be the first to know.

HOWL !!!

Possessed is now available for download from iTunes

The Howling ‘Possessed’


Thanks to everyone for their support and patience.


Keep an eye on The Howling Facebook page

assorted instagram photos of the boys

did you get the Rock Sound sampler featuring The Howling?

assorted instagram photos of the boys

assorted instagram photos of the boys

assorted instagram photos of the boys